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interior designers in Cheshire

Interior design portfolio

"We don’t have a preferred house style, because we believe that

beautiful and timeless interiors 

are only achieved when it is bespoke to those who have inspired it.”

Art gallery in a long victorian hallway with wall paneling

The selection of the latest interior design projects from the design portfolio demonstrates Ingrid’s philosophy and approach to her interior design.

Projects range from full turn-key renovations to smaller scale transformations but each one is undertaken with the same commitment and care.

The exterior architecture influences the interior architecture. Materials, objects, furniture and lighting are carefully sourced with provenance, quality and sustainability in mind, with the client at the heart. This holistic approach leads to beautiful and timeless interiors, harmonious and reflective of the client.

The Ivy Cottage in Macclesfield, Cheshire is an example of a natural style with its roots in earthy tones of wood and stone, whereas Highbank in Alderley Edge demonstrates her ability to create truly luxurious interior design exuding glamour from each seam.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living"
Le- Corbusier
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