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Living Edge magazine

We have asked five Cheshire based interior designers to tell us

what we can expect in interiors in 2023

Luxurious bathroom in earthy tones

Calm bathrooms

Let there be a light… Long are gone the glossy cabinets, dark walls, shots of colour hailing from Morocco, 2023 sees a palette of natural tones and materials honed from the ground that create a sense of harmony, that have a sense of place, that are built on choices that bring us closer to nature. Think organic but see this colliding with tech. Functionality will be key. Water preservation, heat conductive materials, and lasting, quality design will be interwoven with these elemental themes. 

"Evoke the luxury spa feeling in your bathroom." Says Ingrid, whose company, Interiors by Ingrid, specialises in high-end interior design and architecture. 

Freestanding stone bathtub

The focal point of any bathroom is the bathtub. Rounded free-standing bathtubs make a bathroom feel spacious and convey this sense of the organic. Matt, elliptical stone-derived creations will be top of many people’s wishlist. Smooth to touch, these retain the water’s heat reducing a need to top up the tub. Whatever your budget, you will not regret investing in one that is beautiful and has longevity. It combines a sense of lavishness with solidity and will form its backbone. 

Natural materials

Natural materials have been around for a while in the design world but we will see more raw, untreated wood utilised to satisfy our need to be closer to nature. There can be no better way than a beautiful, natural slab acting as a vanity top: it can become the unrivalled focal point of the space it graces, and it can also define and determine the style of the room itself. It is the rugged natural edge of the vanity top that gives it a unique identity and allows you to create a bathroom that is truly exceptional. 

Oversized shower head

Exceptional isn’t always in the visual. Who doesn’t dream of a tropical downpour, warm raindrops falling from a tropical sky, water so soft it is barely there? It can exist outside of the tropics. The technical advances in shower-ware enable shower experiences that mimic this. Oversized overhead shower head allow for relaxing rain-spray, mono-spray, even all-immersive powder rain: a sensual spray that cocoons the body in millions of micro-fine drops. These experiences connect us to the elemental draw of water, its life-giving qualities, and give us a feeling of being cleansed. The shower has come a very long way from splattered enclosures and unsightly raised trays…  

Subtle lighting

The influence of the natural world continues unabated in the lighting world. Soft, subtle lighting will be chosen over statement pieces in the bathroom. Lighting systems that are almost hidden from view will have the dual purpose of illuminating chosen areas and creating an atmosphere of serenity. The tech element sees lighting options imitating daylight with hues of light taken from places around the world in order to channel wellness. 

Large format porcelain tiles

A larger format of porcelain tiles for both the walls and floors will accentuate the sense of space. Reach out for earthy tones to evoke the feel of a luxurious spa. 

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